Abrasive belt grinding machine, type KS 360

Abrasive belt grinding machine, type KS 360

  • Grinding belt length 2,500 mm (standard design)
  • Grinding belt width 5 – 75 mm (standard design)
  • Drive motor 1.6/2.6 kW
  • Drive wheels of 100 – 225 mm diameters = 7.5 – 34 mtr./sec. belt speed (standard design)
  • Mechanical belt tensioning (standard design)
  • A 3-roll belt tracking ensures constant belt speed regardless of the contact wheel diameter. It further ensures precise belt guide and easy belt control. In case of a belt break, drive is immediately disconnected. Therefore, the risk of an accident is eliminated. 
  • Contact disks of 12 – 300 mm diameters (special accessories), wide choice of grinding attachments for any kind of surface finishing. (Sspecial accessories)
  • Maintenance-free, dust-proof contact disk bearing with permanent lubrication, contact disk change in less than 1 minute.
  • Belt safety cover, suction funnel (special accessories)

Subject to technical modifications.



pivotable for deburring jobs



Grinding attachment for turbine blade contact wheels of 20 - 50 mm diameters


Grinding attachment with narrow belt tracking for processing hollow bodies


Centreless grinding device for cylindrical and tapered bars of 3 – 60 mm diameters, feed 0 – 20 mtr./min., infinitely controllable


Grinding attachment for narrow radiuses, e.g. turbine blades, cast parts




KS 360